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    ae Amarum) 10 g, Sangye (Folium Mori) 10g and Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae ) 6 g.
    Modifications: For tidal fever, add Biejia (Carapax Trionycis, to be decocted first) 15 g, Shidagonglaoye ( Folium Mahoniae) 10 g, Digupi ( Cortex Lycii ) 10 g and Qinghao (Herba Artemisiae Annuae ) 6 g;for cough with shortness of breath, add Wuweizi (Fructus Mume) 10 g and Hezi (Fructus Chebula) 10 g; for profuse night sweating, add Wumei (Fructus Mume) 6 g, Bietaogan (Fructus Pruni Immaturus) 15 g and Fuxiaomai (Fructus Tritici Levis ) 15 g; for cough with yellow sputum, add Haigeke (Concha Meretricis seu Cyclinae ) 15 g, Zhimu (Rhizoma Anemarrhenae) 10 g and
    Huangqin (Radix Scutellariae) 10 g; for blood-stained sputum, add Mudanpi ( Cortex Moutan Radicis ) 10 g, Zhizi ( Fructus Gardeniae )  10 g and Oujie ( Nodus Nelumbinis Rhizomatis ) 10 g.
    Other Treatments

    Chinese Patent Drugs

    Sang Ju Ganmao Pian (Mori and Chrysanthemi Tablet for Common Cold) : 4 - 8 tablets each time, twice or thrice daily; applicable to cough due to wind-heat or dry heat.
    Shedan Chuanbei Ye (Oral Liquid of Snake's Bile and Fritillariae Cirrhosae) : 1 vial each time, thrice daily; applicable to cough due to lung heat.

    Qingqi Huatan Wan (Pill for Clearing away Lung Heat and Resolving Phlegm). 6- 9 g each  time, thrice daily; applicable to cough due to phlegm-heat and fire.

    Xing Su Erchen Wan (Erchen Pill with Armeniacae Amarum and Perillae) : 6 - 9 g each time, twice daily;applicable to cough due to phlegm-dampness.

    Mujingyou Jiaowan (Capsule of Oleum Viticis Negundo) : 1 - 2 capsule(s) each time, thrice daily; applicable to chronic cough and dyspnea.

    Fufang Gancao Pian ( Compound Glycyrrhizae Tablet) : 2 - 3 tablets each time, thrice daily. Chew and swallow the tablet or dissolve the tablet in the mouth. It is applicable to cough caused by common cold.
    Single-drug or Experiential Prescriptions

    Yuxingcao (Herba Houttuyniae ) 3 g, Jiegeng (Radix Platycodi ) 9 g and Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae) 6 g. Decoct all the drugs with water and take the decocton. It is applicable to cough due to lung heat.
    Nanshashen (Radix Adenophorae) 15 g, Chuanbeimu (Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae ) 9 g and Baihe (Bulbus Lilii) 15 g. Decoct all the drugs with water and take the decoction. It is applicable to cough due to deficiency of lung yin.

    Dangshen ( Radix Codonopsis ) 60 g, Dongchongxiacao ( Cordyceps )  30 g,  Wuweizi ( Fructus Schisandrae) 15 g and Gejie (Gecko) 1 pair. Pulverize all the drugs and take the fine powder with warm boiled water, 3 g each time, thrice daily. It is applicable to chronic cough and dyspnea due to qi deficiency.

    Pipaye (Folium Eriobotryae) 10 g. Brush away its hairs, decoct the drug with water and take the decoction three times daily. It is applicable to cough due to phlegm-heat.

    Hongdoukou ( Fructus Galangae ) 3 g, Laifuzi( Semen Raphani ) 6 g and Zisuzi ( Fructus Perillae ) 6 g. Decoct the drugs with water and take the decoction in
    two divided doses. It is applicable to cough and asthma with difficult expectoration.

    Shishuang (Mannosum Kaki) 12 - 18 g. Dissolve it in warm water and take the solution in divided doses every day. It is applicable to dry cough and sore  throat.

    External Therapy

    Mahuang  ( Herba Ephedrae )  12 g,  Guizhi (Ramulus Cinnamomi) 10 g, Shigao ( Gypsum Fibrosum) 20 g, Zhishi (Fructus Aurantii Immaturus ) 6 g, Ziwan (Radix Asteris ) 8 g and Zisuye (Folium Perillae) 20 g. Pulverize the drugs, mix the powder with sesame oil or with vaseline and make it into an ointment. Apply cupping or point pricking therapy on the selected acupoints first and then cover the ointment on these points and fix the ointment with gauze and adhesive plaster. Points used are Feishu (BL 13), Tanzhong (CV 17), Dazhui (GV 14) and Quchi (LI 11). For wind-cold cough, add Jianjing ( GB 21 ) and Chengshan ( GB 57 ) ; for wind-heat cough, add Zhongfu (LU 1) and Zhongwan (CV 12).

    Baijiezi (Semen Sinapis). Stir-bake it until it turns crisp, then pulverize it, mix the fine powder with warm water or ginger juice, stir the mixture into paste. Apply the paste on Tanzhong (CV 17), Dazhui (GV 14), Feishu (BL 13) and Yongquan (KI 1), etc., cover the paste with foil paper, and fix with gauze and adhesive plaster. Remove the paste as soon as a burning sensation and blisters occur. Do not break the blisters. This treatment may be used once daily, 7 days as a treatment course, applicable to wind-cold and chronic cough.

    Dilong ( Pheretima ) Extract ( 1 : 1 ) and Congbai (Bulbus Allii Fistulosi) Extract (1 : 1). Take 8 ml of each extract and mix them in a dropping bottle. This may be used for nasal drip, 1 - 3 drops each time, 10 – 30 times daily with 10 days as a treatment course and 2 – 3 consecutive courses are recommended. It is applicable to persistent cough.

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