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    Iron-deficiency anemia, a commonly-seen childhood disease, is a hematopathy which is caused by hyposynthesis of hemoglobin due to the shortage of ferrum resulting from increasing demand of it, or sub-intake of it, or excessive loss of it. It belongs to the categories of "xuexu " ( blood deficiency), "xulao " ( consumptive disease), "ganji" (infantile malnutritionS, etc. in TCM. For the patients with mild anemia, no subjective symptoms may occur, but for the patients with anemia above moderate degree, symptoms of pale complexion of different degrees, pale nails, lips and conjunctiva, dizziness, hypodynamia, poor appetite, dysphoria, etc. may appear. The disease prevails in infants. Mild anemia and moderate anemia have favourable prognosis while severe anemia, or prolonged anemia may affect normal infantile growth and development, cause declined body resistance against dis-eases and susceptibility to infectious diseases, seriously affecting infantile health.

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