What are the Causes of Neurodermatitis?

2013-01-16 11:42:49

What are the Causes of Neurodermatitis?
This disease is also termed chronic simple lichen and is a chronic dermal disease characterized by pruritus and lichenoid change. It often attacks repeatedly and is seen in young adults. The pathogenesis is still unknown at present. It is usually believed that the onset is related to mental factors. Mental excitement, stress, neurasthenia, fatigue, indigestion, endocrine disturbance, friction by collar, irritation from textile or chemical substance can all be the inducing factors. This disease belongs to the category of "Psoriasis" in Chinese medicine. What occurs on the two sides of the neck is termed "Collar-Surrounding Boil". Because it is difficult to be treated, it is also termed "Intractable Tinea". Primarily, this disease is caused by invasion of external wind and heat, which gather in the muscle and skin, and consume qi and damage body fluid after long duration, leading to malnutrition of the muscle and skin. Mental disturbance, failure of the liver to maintain a smooth circulation of qi, fire generation due to liver qi stagnation, hesitant circulation of qi and blood, and accumulation in the muscle and skin can also cause this disease.


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