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Origins and Types of Jing

Functions of Jing

Dysfunctions of Jing

Jing, which is usually translated as Essence, is another somewhat difficult concept to understand in Chinese medicine. Jing can be considered as the underpinning of all aspects of organic life. If Jing is plentiful there will be a strong life force and the organism will be healthy and radiant, whereas when Jing is lacking the life force will be weak and the organism will be susceptible to disease and disorders. It is perhaps useful to distinguish Jing from Qi by considering the notion of movement.

As we have seen, Qi is reponsible for the on-going, day-to-day movements in the body, whereas Jing can be considered to be associated with the slow, developmental change that characterizes the organism ' s growth from a fetus, through life, and ultimately to old age and death.

Origins and Types of Jing

Before Heaven of Congenital Jing (Xian Tian Zhi Jing) is formed by the coming together of the sexual energies of the man and the woman in the act of conception. Thus, this Congenital Jing forms the basis for prenatal growth in the womb and nourishes the developing embryo and fetus. The quantity and quality of any individual ' s Congenital Jing is fixed and determines the constitution and characteristics that the person will take through life.

After Heaven or postnatal Jing (Hou Tian Zhi Jing) is the Jing that is obtained from ingested foods and fluids through the action of the Spleen and the Stomach. This Postnatal Jing serves to supplement Congenital Jing, and together they constitute the overall Jing of the organism.

Chinese medicine closely associates Jing with the function of the Kidneys, and Kidney Jing represents a further distinction arising from both Before Heaven and After Heaven Jing. It will be sufficient for our discussion here to recognize that Kidney Jing promotes the transformation of Please write me if you need more information about Please write me if you need more information about Kidney Yin into Kidney Qi under the warming influence of Kidney Yang.

Functions of Jing

Governing Growth, Reproduction, and development.

Jing is seen as crucial to the development of the individual through life. In children it is responsible for the growth of bones, teeth, and hair. It also promotes brain development and sexual maturation. In adults, Jing forms the basis of reproduction. Fertility in both the male and the female is dependent upon strong Kidney Jing.

Promoting Kidney Qi

The connection between Jing and the Kidneys is very strong. Kidney Qi is the root of all the Qi in the body, and if it is in any way deficient or weak this will lead to deficiency and weakness of the Qi of the whole body.

Producing Marrow

In Chinese medicine the concept of Marrow includes the fundamental make up of the spinal cord and the brain. Since Jing is reponsible for the production of Marrow, there can be serious consequences if this process is weak.

Determining our Constitution

The strength of our Jing determines our basic constitutional strength. Thus, the Jing works in concert with the Wei Qi to help protect the body from external factors. If Jing is weak, the individual may be chronically prone to infection and illness.

Dysfunctions of Jing

Jing disharmonies tend to relate directly to development and constitution.

Developmental disorders: Any developmental disorder, such as learning difficulties or physical disabilities in children, is due to a deficiency of Jing. In later life, as Jing diminishes then physical deterioration occurs-commonly with deafness, graying, and balding, as well as general frailty and senility.

Kidney-related disorders: Because of Jing ' s close association with the Kidneys, any deficiency can lead to Kidney-related problems such as impotence, low-back pain, and tinnitus.

Marrow-related disorders: If Jing is weak, then brain dysfunctions such as poor memory, poor concentration, and dizziness can occur.

Constitutional Weakness: This can lead to a chronic tendency to external disease patterns and allergies that the individual will find very difficult to shake off.


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